Happy Monday, BWRC! We would like to announce that Tim McDonald will be our new Director of Sponsorship as Joe Carey has stepped down from the position to focus on his family and newborn son; Joe will continue to be a valuable member of the BWRC family. Tim has been leading our Couch to 5K Program and is a great addition to the BWRC board. We asked Tim to be our Member Spotlight Monday for this week so you can get to know our newest board member!

Q: How long have you been a runner?

Tim: I ran when I was in Junior High and High School then took a 22 year break.

Q: Why did you start running?

Tim: I started running again in 2010 I was 38 years old smoking 2 packs a day eating takeout 7 nights a week and 30 lbs overweight. At my height 30 extra pounds is NOT a good look. I received a call that my High School coach had passed away so I went to his wake, When I arrived I saw so many of my old teammates and they were all in such great shape. I could feel them looking me up and down. Seeing the pack of cigarettes in my shirt pocket. I decided that day that in 3 months on my birthday I would quit smoking. My birthday came and I kept my promise to myself. I put them down and have never picked one up since.

Three months later I decided that I needed to get myself into shape so that I could live another 40 years. I started with the very plan I am coaching today, the C25K. It was the most difficult thing I had done athletically in over 2 decades. I worked my tail off and ran my 1st 5K in April 2010. Then I ran a few more 5K’s…then I ran a 10K in Oct…then a Half in November. Then in 2011 I decided to run my 1st  Chicago Marathon to honor my sister battling cancer. If she could go through chemo I could run 26.2..

People say that one decision can change your life… mine was when I started back running.  I was training for my 1st marathon in 2011 and ran into my future wife at Xsport.  If I hadn’t found running again, I wouldn’t have found my wife because there would be NO WAY I would have been in a  gym. We were H.S friends (full disclosure I chased her around as a freshman) and hadn’t seen each other in 24 years. I looked her up on Facebook and asked her out for a drink which turned into dinner at Jameson’s. The rest is history as we have now been together for over 7 years. It’s amazing how life works. Makes me wonder whose life will change for good in the current C25K group. I already see new friendships growing.

Q: How did you find BWRC?

Tim: I decided last year for my 7th marathon that I wanted to join CARA. I walked up for the 1st  group run and felt like it was the 1st day of school again. I didn’t know ANYONE. I was so nervous. Believe it or not the 1st run I actually didn’t even say much more than a few words. By the 2nd time I was there I had started running with John Wall, Richard, Amanda as my group leaders. The 9 min pace group was awesome. They made me feel welcome and they realized about mile two of week two that their ears would be hurting for 16 more weeks. After training BWRC broke off and I joined them on their weekly runs.

Q: Why did you join BWRC?

Tim: I joined to be part of a group that truly cares as well as caters to runners of all ages, shapes, sizes, abilities and paces. I cannot wait to see my C25K team graduate and see them grow.

Q: Why do you run?

Tim: I run to live and I live to run. It makes me happy. I always tell my wife that on my run “ I solve all the world’s problems” there is nothing better than zoning out and just enjoying the sights and sounds. Clears my mind.

Q: Do you have any upcoming races or goals we should know about?

Tim: I will be running Nashville Rock N Roll Half next weekend and the Chicago Marathon in Oct. It will be my 8th after I said that I would never do another one when I crossed the line in 2011. I think I have said it at least three other times as well. My goal is to get as many people on the C25K team to the starting line and watch them complete the 5K. I remember what it felt like to finish that 1st one in 2010. I was on top of the world. They need to feel that sense of accomplishment

Q: What does BWRC mean to you?


Tim: It’s truly a family and I am proud to be a part of it.