Pace Chart

This table is published by Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) and was authored by Amby Burfoot. We use this table to help find the appropriate training paces for you, based on your past running experience. Contact John Wall with any questions.

RRCA Pace Chart Developed by Amby Burfoot.pdf

Pace Group Colors

This chart is used to help identify the Pace Group color that’s appropriate for you and to help find running buddy’s. The top portion lists approximate times for various race distances; the bottom portion lists approximate paces corresponding to the race paces. For example, someone targeting a marathon finish time between 4:00-4:30 would do their Easy & Long Runs at a pace of 10:00-11:00 per mile (Yellow group).

Pace Group Colors Table

Meeting Location

This map shows the meeting location for Saturday long runs. Enter Busse Woods via the Golf Road entrance (at stoplight), just East of Rte 53. Look for the bathroom building on the right. Plenty of parking available.

Meeting location map