The highlight of my Memorial Day Weekend came yesterday with this young man. Vishnu, about to graduate 5th grade, was our youngest Couch to 5K participant. His mom and dad dropped him off for training each week. He worked hard over 8 weeks for this moment at the Salute 5K in Arl Hts yesterday. I asked if I can run with him and with a shy smile, he said yes.

It was undoubtedly the hottest race I have run.Before mile 1 he asked why we had to run directly into the sun. It seemed forever but before too long we made a turn away from ole Sol.. The rather inquisitive young boy proceeded to ask if 5ks run in the rain or in 100 degree temps before asking when the next water stop will come.

It was hot yet this young man had every bit of my attention. Perhaps I was just a distraction to get him through the run. I was totally ok with that as he helped me get through as well. He said the mile 2 water station took way too long to get to. However, a very wonderful family handed out water between mile 2 & 3 giving us an added step.

After a couple of walks to regroup, Vishnu spotted the finish line in the distance as we headed west along Miner St. I said “you ready t run this in to the finish and without hesitation he said yes! 20 yards from the finish we spotted his proud parents smiling  and taking pictures in excitement for their young boy.

My running partner was gleaming from ear to ear.  THANK YOU Vishna for allowing me to share in your journey young man!