Q: How long have you been a runner?

Lauren: Hmm. Tough question! My first “race” was a Santa 5K in 2012. I guess I’ve been running 6 years! I haven’t felt official until recently, thanks to the BWRC! 

Q: Why did you start running?

Lauren: I actually started running to lose weight! I lost 40 pounds thanks to this lovely addiction. I continue to run because I now enjoy it and can’t imagine my life without it! It’s my therapy.

Q: How did you find BWRC?

Lauren: I found BWRC thanks to Joey Jao! I can never thank him enough!! I tell him all the time he changed my life by sharing this group with me.

Q: Why did you join BWRC?

Lauren: I joined BWRC to reach new running goals and meet people who are my kind of crazy! Nobody understands me more than my fellow running buddies!

Q: Why do you run?

Lauren: I run because it makes me a happy and healthier person! Running helps me decompress after a tough day teaching, yet also helps me celebrate the great days. It makes me smile when life can seem overwhelming! Nothing can compare to the positive vibes I feel after a run with my friends! I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face if I tried!

Q: Do you have any upcoming races or goals we should know about?

Lauren: I am running the Carmel Half Marathon on March 31st. All thanks to Richard, I PRed at the Schaumburg Turkey Trot with a 1:58, when my previous goal was a sub 2. Although 3 minutes seems silly, my new goal is 1:55. I’m also running the Chicago Marathon this year. I haven’t set a goal for that yet!

Q: What does BWRC mean to you?

Lauren: BWRC means the world to me. It’s been life-changing! I look forward to every single run. Even when I am tired after a long day, I know I’ll be happy and smiling the second I see everyone at a group run! My favorite day of the week is Saturday because of our long runs in Busse! Our post-run coffee is always a blast and I couldn’t imagine ANY weekend without my running family! Thanks for making me my best self. I seriously love you all more than words!