Happy Monday, BWRC! Beginning this week we will be featuring a member of our club every Monday for Member Spotlight Monday! Our first spotlight is on Tina Riess. Read below to learn more about Tina’s journey with running and BWRC!

Q: How long have you been a runner?

Tina Riess: 4 years.

Q: Why did you start running?

Tina: Once I ran my first 5k (Schaumburg Turkey Trot) as a random fun event, I became hooked after that.

Q: How did you find BWRC?

Tina: I was directed to BWRC by Christine Moss, she told me about the groups Facebook page and told me I needed to check them out ASAP!

Q: Why did you join?

Tina: The group had everything I was looking for. Support right from the start was the main thing, I was accepted and supported from the get go, even though I am a much slower runner, I was welcomed and not left behind even though I was new and did not know many people. We are all treated the same whether we are slow or fast. There is no competition, bragging or egos. Its friends running together. These were important things I was unable to find elsewhere.

Q: Why do you run?

Tina: I run because it honestly makes me feel good, I get to spend time with my running friends, and helps keep me focused.

Q: Do you have any upcoming races or goals we should know about?

Tina: I have a few upcoming races, one is the Naperville Women’s ½ marathon in April, followed by the Solider Field 10miler in May, my biggest of the year is my first marathon, the Chicago Marathon that is in October, I am running for PAWS charity!

Q: What does BWRC mean to you?

Tina: BWRC has become more then just a run club to me, it has become a major part of my life, has led to some awesome friendships, and some REALLY fun times. BWRC accepted me from day 1 and never made me feel like I did not belong. I honestly look forward to every single BWRC run, every event, and cannot wait to see what the future of BWRC holds!