Busse Woods Running Club is pleased to offer two free 18-week programs, enabling first-time marathoners to veteran runners to enjoy speed, strength and long runs with fellow athletes sharing similar abilities and goals!

Training begins june 10th and registration is now open below!

PROGRAM Details:

  • The programs start the week of June 10 and the schedule targets the Chicago Marathon on October 13

  • BWRC’s Marathon Training Plan can easily be adapted for other Fall marathon dates

  • All running programs are offered at no cost. Donations to BWRC are welcome and tax-deductible


  • Experienced pace group leaders

  • Saturday long runs with hydration stations (Busse Woods, Golf Rd. entrance at 6:30 AM)

  • Tuesday evening speed workouts (local running tracks)

  • Thursday evening strength/hill workouts (Busse Woods)

  • Training, nutrition and hydration advice from seasoned marathoners

  • Seminars on injury prevention, pre/post-run stretching and other topics

Chicago athlete 20 miler

The Busse Woods Marathon Training program is coordinated with the Chicago Athlete 20 Miler held at Busse Woods on Saturday, September 21. Click here to register for the event.

Prior to registering, please remember to review our waiver. Acknowledgement of the waiver is required.
If you are under the age of 18, please
contact us.




Have you paced an event before? Busse Woods Running Club is looking for pace leaders to support our marathon training program. If you are interested, please complete the below form.